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This example uses API features that are currently in beta and subject to change.

List the Helios alerts (e.g. road wetness, poor visibility)
Helios APIs: Alerts (Search)

In addition to providing raw observation data, Helios also generates regional alerts to help identify areas of actual degraded ground conditions related to weather.

To identify areas that have experienced poor visibility, we can query the Alerts API for Poor Visibility Watches generated by Helios. To do so, our query looks like this:


Similarly, to identify areas where Helios has detected wet roads, we can query for Road Wetness Watches with the following query:


See the Alerts API for a list of all alert types currently generated by Helios.

These Helios-generated alerts are in the same format as those produced by the National Weather Service, except they provide information about the ground condition state as opposed to the atmospheric state.

See this example for more details.